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Metal Finishing Control Systems

ECC Controls has been a leader in integrated control systems for the metal finishing industry since 1997. With over 80 systems installed in 3 countries, our systems have evolved from chemical feed to monitoring and controlling all aspects in the finishing department. Our unique control solutions in the area of metal finishing:  

Pretreatment     (Back To Top)

Using innovative control strategies, ECC Controls is able to maintain proper chemical concentration and control even in cases where typical pH, or conductivity sensors are not viable. Types of pretreatment chemistries include; acid/alkaline cleaners, iron and zinc phosphates, non-phosphate conversion coatings, and chrome and non-chrome sealers. In addition to chemical feed, our systems control the mechanical functions of a washer to reduce energy consumption and improve quality.

Whether it is reducing water consumption by proper control of rinse contamination, or reducing electrical energy through the use of Variable Frequency Drives, our systems will help improve your bottom line.


Conveyor and Oven     (Back To Top)

Several customers have implemented our control strategies to reduce gas consumption and improve first pass yield through synchronization of conveyor speed and oven temperature. ECC Controls also uses visual sensors to help you improve line density and monitor quality to reduce labor cost.

Downtime reporting is a key component in reducing cost. Our graphical operator interface can even log production quantities versus downtime to display true cost.


Paint Application     (Back To Top)

ECC Controls recognized the importance of control of the paint operation. In Liquid paint systems, our systems control paint temperature, gun pressure settings, and oversee air management in the paint room.

For E-coat paint operations, we monitor or control paint refill, rectifiers, and post rinses.

PowderTrak, is our patented system for monitoring powder paint transfer efficiency and parts tracking. For all paint systems, we can also add mil thickness logging.

Parts Tracking     (Back To Top)

As part of the system data collection, parts can be monitored as they are processed through the finishing system. Our systems use part location to implement energy saving controls such as spray pressure and oven temperature reduction. Quality assurance departments use the information to determine which parts were processed during out of specification that may require additional testing.


Wastewater Treatment      (Back To Top)

Our wastewater treatment controls range from simple discharge outflow and pH monitoring to fully-automatic systems that reduce labor cost.  Our systems can also integrate control strategies from upstream processes to handle an upset to the wastewater treatment system and prevent a discharge violation.


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